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    Making sense Booklet
    Information for parents, families and friends of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender young people.

    Sexuality is not a Choice
    In this well written document, Shelley Argent from PFLAG, Brisbane provides information which is valuable in assisting parents, families and friends to gain more understanding of the fears, concerns and issues of young gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender who are in the process of “coming out”. It covers such topics as: when gay and lesbian daughters come out, coming out to your partner, to tell or not to tell children, when your married son/daughter comes out, understanding transgenderism, and bisexuality.

    The Simple Guide to being an Ally for Equal Rights
    The guide to being an ally is an invitation and opportunity for people who believe in equality for all Australians and their loved ones including the lesbian and gay couples living in our community.

    My Gay Child Changed my World
    This is a link to an article on the Australian Women’s Weekly website (January 2011) – the full article is available for viewing via Glenys 0409626647.

    Addressing Homophobia in the Workplace
    This brochure aims to dispel some of myths regarding this form of discrimination.